Go Diaper Free


I am a proud Mom of a healthy son, Archer,  who has beenBaby Potty Training potty training from birth . We went full-time with him at 6 months. In my quest to be the best Mom possible, I discovered Elimination Communication, and became a certified Go Diaper Free coach. Yes, you can begin using the techniques of Elimination Communication to train your baby or toddler to go diaper free TODAY!

Online Potty Training and/or Private Consultation

Let me be your potty training support. I teach an online class on Elimination Communication for newborns through the toddler years. It is $20 for 4 days of your choosing.

If you are having specific issues, schedule a consultation with me. I do online chat consultations (Facebook private messenger is a great way to have instant note taking.) or phone consultations. I’m here to help. Don’t go blindly into potty training, or rely on bribery and coercion. Let me make this an easier journey for your family.

My consultation rates are:

*15 minutes for $30

*30 minutes for $45

*45 minutes for $65

ArcherUndiesMention the code DIAPER5 and I will give you $5.00 off  online training or private consultations. If you need more information, or you are ready to join my online class, please email me or send a message. Don’t forget to mention the DIAPER5 code. I will answer any questions and guide you through payment arrangement and give you specific recommendations and instructions to get started.  I can be reached at krista@EducatedHippie.com, or by sending me a message via my Facebook support group at www.facebook.com/groups/NaturalPottyTrainingETx/.

If you prefer to call me, please send me your phone number and a convenient time for me to call you, and I will be happy to do so. I promise I will not call you at any other time. I do not believe in high pressure sales. I’m just passionate about Elimination Communication and love teaching others the techniques.

Go Diaper Free Books

Go Diaper Free BooksPrefer to learn on your own? “Go Diaper Free” and “The Tiny Potty Training Book”, by Andrea Olson,  are amazing, well-written and easy to understand resources to help you on your potty training journey. These books teach exact potty use steps, are gender neutral, age neutral (Newborn and up) and only teach good habits. They are available in physical or digital format (Board Book or Kindle PDF).

Use the code: GDFKD5 and receive 5% off with your purchase. Click on this link, http://godiaperfree.com/store/?invite=395 , for further information , pricing, and purchase options. Andrea even offers a free sample of two chapters to let you try before you buy.

Do you think you can’t afford to purchase classes or a book? How much will diapers cost you by time you fully potty train your child by using “old school” methods? To me, it’s a no brainer when you consider the cost of diapers now days.

Take a look at my Amazon Store for a list of EC products that can possibly help you.

Go Diaper Free (Elimination Communication) Support Group

For more information, or to join other like-minded parents,  I host a Facebook support group at: www.facebook.com/groups/NaturalPottyTrainingETx/.