Setting Goals: 2018 Vision Boards

As 2017 came to an end I looked back on everything my family has gone through, the ups, downs, and in-betweens. We have learned so much and are better because of it. Using those experiences hubby and I were able to come up with our 2018 goals.

It has been a long time since I made a vision board and something I have been wanting to do for awhile now. The last time I had one everything on it came to fruition and it helped me feel grateful for everyday things. If you want more information on vision boards and manifesting goals, please read “The Secret,” found here, or watch the movie, found here.

To make our vision boards we first sat down and listed goals for multiple categories: finances, health, education, fitness, hobbies, and family, and chose a word for the year, “Present.”

  • Family Goals: occupy the present, minimalistic living, declutter, tranquility, better use of home space, exploration through books and the world, being who you want to be, and acceptance.
  • Financial Goals: cut credit card debt and stop using credit cards, make our businesses grow, add beeswax candles and crochet items to our business, work towards owning our farm, get family property put in our name, fix our family property and fix up hubby’s mom’s house, etc.
  • Fitness Goals: Complete “Insanity” dvds as a couple, do yoga every day, exercise in some form daily, learn to do the crow pose, and incorporate barefoot walking.
  • Health Goals: Create an herbal vitamin and remedy pantry, pray and meditate daily, be gluten-free, be sugar-free, live in the present moment, and choose health for your body, mind, and soul.
  • Hobby Goals (Mine): Learn to play the violin/fiddle, learn to crochet more than a simple blanket, write a book, and write more blog articles.
  • Unschool Goals: Remember why we chose unschooling for our homeschool, practice ASL on a regular basis, provide multiple opportunities to learn the alphabet and numbers a day, be present to help facilitate learning opportunities with anything Archer is interested in.

Using that list I was able to download images or type words to represent them. I simply made an individual slideshow using PowerPoint, found here, to make each vision board category.

Once my husband and I had both approved the final look of each board I printed them using my mini HP Desk Jet, found here, and laminated them with my Swingline, found here.

Since each category is on its own laminated paper, we are able to hang them in appropriate locations around our home. For example, the health board will be on our fridge, and the family board will be next to our couch.

This was such a simple and inexpensive way of making our vision boards compared to how I made my last one. My last vision board was on a massive framed cork board. I bought the cork board, magazines, ribbon, and pushpins, then spent time finding all of the images I needed and cutting them out of the magazines. It was kept in my bedroom, next to my door, so I could see it every day (which helped), but it would have been handy to have the different categories available in different areas or to have it be portable. With these laminated vision boards I can easily take them  with me.

To place them on my fridge I cut a piece of magnetic tape, found here, and placed it on each corner. For normal walls, I either used velcro, found here, or command strips, found here.

What will be are your 2018 goals and how will you represent them on your vision board?

Family Moto Vision Board

Family Moto Vision Board

Financial  Vision Board 

Financial Board

Fitness Vision Board

Fitness Board

Health Vision Board

Health Vision Board

Hobby Vision Board

Hobby Vision Board

Unschool Vision Board

Unschool Vision Board


My family has big news!

My family has big news!

As many of you know, especially if you read any of my articles on or follow my personal page on Facebook, hubby and I have lived and traveled in a RV for his job since 2011. We have lived in 4 different states and been able to experience some wonderful things. Our 2 ½ year old has been to more places than many adults have.
Well, the traveling is ending. Hubby now has a permanent job located only 10 miles from our home property. Stationary living will be an adjustment for us and I will desperately miss traveling. However, we will be starting a mini-farm!!!

This is such a major change that we actually acquired a mailbox, instead of having to rely on the generosity of family for accepting all of our mail.


Our overall dream has been to own at least 45 acres to have an organic, Non GMO, pasture-raised farm, to supply food for both our family and our community. This will be a very small taste of what our future will be, since we have less than 2 acres, but it’s a start.

We are trying to find wooden pallets to make fencing, repurpose wood to build portable coops and sheds, and old wooden windows to make a greenhouse, not to mention we are still trying to purchase or trade for an appropriate trailer. We want to have chickens, quails, goats, sheep, and bees and utilize them for eggs, meat, raw milk, wool, and honey. This is going to be a major learning process for us, from planning everything that needs to be built, learning how to care for each animal and the laws on what can be sold with/without a license, growing fodder and raising mealworms for Winter supplementation, etc.

So, please pray and wish us luck as we go about the planning process and search for all of the supplies needed to get Honey Hill Farm up and running. I will try to take pictures and keep everyone updated throughout the process.

Thank You!

Thank you for being patient! is slowly getting up and running!

First, I would like to thank my mother, Rhonda Wylie, for encouraging me to have my own blog. I have been writing articles for her blog,, since 2012. If you follow my writing on there, my blog posts always have to deal with more natural minded topics, smoothies, organic food and clothing, eco-friendly products, and natural and healthy DIY items, plus saving money in the process. She finally convinced me to put my passions in own area. Not only did she inspire, I hired her to design the blog. She owns Wylie World Web Services and has designed a countless number of pages. I absolutely love what she came up with. The coloring, title banner, and layout are perfect for me and make me smile every time I look at the site.

Second, I want to say, “Thanks,” to my hubby, Shane, even if he doesn’t read this. He has supported my decision to be a SAHM, so our family can stay together as he travels for work. In 2011 I decided to forgo the career path I was on, so I could focus on my health and having a healthy and happy family. Health and Family are more important to me than holding down a job. I knew where my priorities were, so I made the scary decision to  stop what I was doing (Graduate School for Master’s in Counseling Psychology: Marriage and Family) and travel with him. This has been the best decision. We have had more experiences visiting museums, nature preserves, flea markets, restaurants, and farmer’s markets than we could have otherwise. We were also able to make the decision to have a child, which I doubt either of us would have agreed to if we were still living apart. So now, instead of working outside of our home and attending University, I keep a little creative energy and a clear mind by working from home in what little spare time I have. I do research and write, teach online Elimination Communication/ Natural Potty Training classes for GoDiaperFree, make Organic Sunblock, and learn everything I can about the benefits and uses of Essential Oils while selling Young Living. What money I bring in goes towards saving for our organic farm.

Davis Family

Third, thank you everyone who have been encouraging me these last few months as I constantly brought up my goal of having this blog being live. I have had so many people saying they can’t wait to see it up and running and to see what I will be writing.  It’s nice to know there are so many people with similar passions as mine. Who truly care about how we treat the Earth and what we both put on and in our bodies. Understanding that knowledge is power, and having the gumption to research and make knowledgable changes helps with our positive progression.

I can’t wait to see how this blog grows and evolves. Even the daydreaming and planning process of has inspired me.